Services and features are not limited to those that are listed.

Vivitrol Management

Comprehensive Treatment Plan with utilization of entities that provide behavioral health services

Confidential / Professional Medical Treatment

PRS privacy policies protect our patients confidentiality from the initial referral to completion of the treatment plan

Case Management

Close monitoring of patients appointments, insurance, treatment as well as continued crisis support through completion of treatment plan


Vivitrol management‏ services from our mobile unit that are the same services offered at our physician offices, this allows for us to service the entire state, regardless of urban or rural communities


PRS Services  shall be accessible, available, appropriate and acceptable to the persons served. PRS is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.  Services are made available to patients through scheduled appointments made from our office staff.  Follow up appointments will be given to patients at the time of their appointment. In the case that a patient cannot be seen during our regular scheduled office hours we will assess on a case by case basis as to when and how we can provide services to patient.  We have, and can, make exceptions to our hours and see patients during off hours.

Mobile Unite Features

Private Exam Room

Private Exam‏ Room to ensure confidentiality throughout the treatment process

Restroom for Specimen Collection

Clean and sanitized facility for collection of specimen for analyses

Consultation Area

Provided area with logistical coordinator for initial check-in procedures and appointment scheduling

Supplies and Refrigeration for Medication

Supplies, medication, as well as education materials provided for the treatment process


PRS currently follows patients upon discharge from the following in-patient treatment facilities:


Inpatient DOC treatment facility

Lake Area Recovery Center


House Of Hope


County Jail Programs


Quickly ramped up from 2 to 23 patients by Feb 2016 with rapid growth continuing


Averaging 10-20 new patients per month. Jumped from 4 to 69 patients in from July 2015 to Feb 2016


Averaging 5-10‏ new patients per month. Jumped from 4 to 37 patients by Feb 2016.

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